Who Are The Lutherans?

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There are Lutherans in your neighborhood!
2017 - Lutherans celebrate 500th anniversary of Protestant Reformation
The ELCA has created two sites to discover Lutheran heritage and events related to the 500th anniversary: ELCA500.org and ELCA Reformation 500 on Facebook. Check them regularly to learn more about celebration opportunities.
Who are Lutherans?
The Lutheran Church was born in Germany in 1517 with Martin Luther. Luther did not intend to split the church, but his critiques of the church were not tolerated by church leaders. Followers of Luther and his reforms were called "Lutherans", considered a slanderous term at the time. 
Who are Lutherans?  Lutherans first came to America in the 1600s with Swedish  immigrants in the area of Delaware. Later, German  immigrants to Pennsylvania, especially the Philadelphia,  Berks County, and Lehigh Valley areas, brought Lutheran  beliefs and churches to America.  Henry Melchior  Muhlenberg is credited with solidifying the Lutheran presence in the US.  The Muhlenbergs were an important colonial family, with Henry's sons serving with  Washington at Valley Forge, and as the first Speaker of the House of Representatives and the first signer of the Bill of Rights. There are many modern famous Lutherans too. 
Presently, there are hundreds of Lutheran churches in Eastern Pennsylvania, including dozens in the Lehigh Valley. These 470 congregations are gathered together in the Northeastern Pennsylvania Synod and Southeast Pennsylvania Synod. Nearly all of the Lutheran Churches in this area are part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) a 25-year old national church body in the US. Follow these links to learn more about the ELCA history, and core teachings. On these videos  you will see Lutherans talk about our church in their own words.
Who are Lutherans?
 Lutherans are proud of their heritage, of the many ministries that we have today, and  are excited  about how God is calling us from the past and into the future. Join us on  this adventure together  and be part of a wonderful exploration of faith!
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