St. Mark's History


Serving God and neighbors for more than 129 years!

St. Mark's Lutheran Church was incorporated on May 6, 1888 and held worship services in South Bethlehem, PA. Like most start-up churches, the early years were a challenge - financially, and with the number of members. In 1895, a new building was proposed and the members enthusiastically pledged nearly 75% of the estimated cost in one week! This is early evidence of the "can-do" spirit that is alive at St. Mark's today.

 St. Mark's CrossThe congregation grew over the years and was served by Pastors from  around the region - Philadelphia, Lancaster, New York, and Maryland. 

 By 1960, members were moving out of Bethlehem and the congregation  decided to purchase land in the Miller Heights - Butztown area. On  October 2, 1960 the first Sunday Class was held in the Butztown Chapel.  In May of 1961 the land for the present church was purchased. The first  worship service in the new building was held on Palm Sunday, March 26,  1972.

 Through the 1970s, 80s, and 90s the congregation saw growth and  contraction, being served by a number of Pastors. All the while, the people  of St. Mark's sought to reach out to their neighborhood and the area  through worship, Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, and social  ministry projects that reached as far as Africa. By the 2000s, the membership and finances stabilized and growth began again.

 Today, is planning its future for service to God's people near and far. The congregation is growing in spirit, in service, and in members.  Our service is as close as New Bethany Ministries in Bethlehem and as far  as Arusha Medical Center in Tanzania. All people at St. Mark's are  encouraged to know their gifts and use them to build up their faith and the faith of others. 

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