Prayer Ministry


St. Mark's believes in the power of prayer and encourages the practice of daily prayer. Prayer is central in our worship services, our meetings, our events, and our lives. 

We have a Prayer Chain that prays for those are are sick, shut-in, or have special need of prayer because of a life event. When requests are received, the leader will contact the chain via email or phone. Anyone can send a request. prayer meeting

 Prayer meetings are held in the homes of members on the third  Wednesday of each month from 7-8 pm, followed by refreshments and fellowship. Prayers are lifted up and various meditative books are read and  discussed. If you are interested in participating or hosting a meeting,  please contact Donna Berge (610-865-3299) or email

 Prayer can be intimidating because we think there is a "right way" to pray - so God is happy and grants our wishes. In fact, there are many ways to pray, because prayer is our ongoing conversation with God, and the best way to maintain our relationship with God. Here are some ideas to get your prayer life started, or sustain it through the seasons of your life: 

Prayer Journal     Prayer Walk     Pray through Bible Verses     Pray the news/newspaper/newsfeed     Get a Prayer Partner

Quiet/Meditation/Silence/Listening     Use our Prayer Chain/Bulletin Prayer List/Devotional Books/Prayer Meeting Group

Pray over food and those who got it to you     Pray through your address book/contacts list/friends list/photo album

Pray during a chore     Prayer with icons/stained glass windows     Pray your favorite Christian/Secular songs     

Pray while exercising     Pray on special days - feast days/holidays     Pray in nature - stars/moon/clouds

What are your ideas for starting to pray?


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